NeoTap AS (LÖF)

App   /   Art Direction   /   Concept & Strategy   /   Interaction Design   /   IOS Development   /   Product   /   Technical Solution   /   UX

NeoTap AS (Advanced Support) is a project to create an advanced mHealth iOS platform for high end users performing newborn resuscitation in Sweden. Doctors and midwifes will have access to the software on tablets linked to the resuscitation area. The resuscitation team will have access to a number of unique innovative feature:

  • Apgar Timer with reminder chimes.
  • Visual progress bar in all views.
  • Automated APGAR score calculation.
  • Heart Rate registration within 10-15 seconds after birth.
  • Breathing Rate
  • Optional visual/acoustic NeoPacer to optimise ventilation frequency.
  • Logg book interface for one-touch registration of critical events during resuscitation.

Our work in short:
  • Product development
  • Concept & strategy
  • Interaction design (ID)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Art Direction
  • IOS Development
  • Technichal solution


We were contacted by Nicolas J Pejovic, who is a Senior Consultant in Neonatology at Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital in Stockholm.The focus of his research is on newborn care in low-income setting. He wanted us to develop a product that could save life of pre-born babies. We developed the app Tap4Life pro bono for them. But then they got funding from patientförsäkringen (LÖF) to develop a version for the Swedish hospitals, and that’s NeoTap AS, an iPad app.

We chose to use native iOS to give the user the best experience and to secure the stability in the product.

We had several workshops with Nicolas and his team to figure out how the Swedish version would work, which requirement they had for the Swedish conditions. Stability and reliability was the most important lead word.


I aimed for something very clear, clean and stylish interface. Every button had to be totally clear for the users at the hospital. We also worked a lot with sound interaction and the interaction design of the app.

NeoTap was a Nominent Trust winner 2015! Nominet Trust 100 is a global celebration of the 100 most inspiring uses of digital technology for social good.  Nominet Trust is UK’s leading Tech for good funder.
We are very proud of this prize.


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