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Android / Java Development   /   App   /   Art Direction   /   Concept & Strategy   /   Design   /   Interaction Design   /   UX

NeoTapLS  is a project to create an mHealth tool for android platform for users performing newborn resuscitation in low resource settings where adequate equipement is scarce or non-excisting. NeoTapLS is based on a screen-tapping method and necessitates no probes to be attached to the baby.

  • Visual progress bar
  • Heart Rate registration within 10-15 seconds after birth.
  • Optional visual/acoustic NeoPacer to optimise ventilation frequency.
  • Checklist for equipment before resuscitation
  • Checklist for identification of danger signs
  • Instructional videos or soundfiles

Our work in short:
  • Product development
  • Concept & strategy
  • User Interface design (UI)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Art Direction
  • Interaction design
  • Android / Java devlopment


We were contacted by Nicolas J Pejovic, who is a Senior Consultant in Neonatology at Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital in Stockholm and funder of the Tap4Life foundation.The focus of his research is on newborn care in low-income setting. He wanted us to develop a product that could save life of pre-born babies. We developed the Android app “Neotap” pro bono for the foundation. After some time we received funding form the patientförsäkringen LÖF, and  developed a version for the Swedish hospitals, and that’s NeoTap AS (Advanced Support), an iPad app with focus on facilitating reporting.

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We chose to use native Android since Android devices are widely spread in low income countries. Having a mobile device is of highest priority for most people, and android  is the preferred, and most affordable platform.


We decided to run this project iteratively. Start small with basic requirements, fine tune them, test, and then go on with tests and improvements, before moving on to next phase.

At each important development stage, we run a workshop and decide on next step.

Since we have been working with the Neotap project for quite some time, we had a basic understanding for the challenges. With that said, we carried out a few initial workshops where discussed the sitation the app needs to function in, the people that will use it, and also had the opportunity to view video footage from deliveries and simulations in lifesaving situations.

Simplicity, Stability, reliability was  important lead words.



We aimed for a clean and intuitive interface with graphic and/or sound representation of all important information, and rely less on textual representation of information. The core functionality must be as fail safe as possible, and as easily undersandable as possible. We worked a lot with sound interaction and the interaction design of the app. We used a distinct color coding to convey what condition the child is, based on heart rate.

We have designed the User Experience entirely around the situation that the app will be used in. To describe the situation to some extent, it is an often stressful and there can be many deliveries going on in the same room. It often warm and humid, and electronic equipment that is common in western countries is often lacking, or malfunctioning. We have kept the UI very simple and used color coding in strong colors to convey heart rate. Time is represented by circles for the two phases the app operates in, with special focus on the first phase : “The Golden Minute”

The app is developed as a native android app (Java) We have

NeoTap was a Nominent Trust winner 2015! Nominet Trust 100 is a global celebration of the 100 most inspiring uses of digital technology for social good.  Nominet Trust is UK’s leading Tech for good funder.
We are very proud of this prize.


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