• Nobel Creations exhibition in the making

    At the Nobel Museum in Stockholm an exhibition “Nobel Creations” about this years prize winners takes place. We at Strawberry Hill have had the great pleasure of taking part in the adventure of making this beautiful event happen. Our role has been to program and set up the system that makes the interactivity in the exhibition […]

  • Apple just unveiled its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

    After a long period of rumors, Apple has finally launched its new wearable device. There is a clock, and it’s called Apple Watch. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, called Apple Watch the “most personal device” that Apple has made​​, which embraces individuality. Apple Watch features support for health monitoring and fitness as well as apps such […]

  • Apple Pay, The Future Of Mobile Payments?

    As expected, Apple has launched a mobile payment system that is supposed to make payment by plastic cards redundant. The new system is called Apple Pay, and is built into both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. According to Forbes, Apple Pay will use a credit card from your iTunes account or one that’s […]

  • We’re excited to announce the launch of new s-studenter website!

    S-studenter website is a fully responsive website that we built it up from the scratch. We used WordPress platform to develop the new website for an optimal user experience. We wanted to make the navigation, finding information much easier, faster for users. To make this happen we designed a new structure and layouts for s-studenter […]

  • Our app “Gi Bud” wins prize!

    Our client Krogsveen received the “Gullmeglern”  for Gi Bud-appen, that we have produced for them! The jurys statement: – “Krogsveen budapplikasjon makes bidding easy , secure and mobile for bidders . It sets the standard for future way to bid on . Besides the actual user benefit, innovation given Krogsveen valuable press coverage.” SIMPLE , […]

  • Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

    Apple has now unveiled the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two new iPhone models with a completely new design, better performance, longer battery life, and NFC integration with Apple’s new mobile payment system. The new phones feature what Apple is calling the Retina HD displays, “a new generation” of mobile display […]

  • Enriching the User Experience with Augmented Reality Technology

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a new and emerging technology. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, it adds layers of content (information—videos, photos, sounds) over real life objects around us. This technology is used broadly in marketing to enhance the user experience and perception of the brand. AR is about showing relevant […]

  • About Carl Von Linné and why bidding on real estate is not regulated in Sweden

    English summary : The largest financial transaction in a persons life is most often to buy or sell your home. Many complaints from private persons are filed each year about fraudulent or erroneous biddings. Despite of these complaints no law in Sweden regulates bidding on property. This is in stark contrast with the neighbor country […]

  • Strawberry Hill features in CAP & DESIGN

    In connection with the launch of the new website for SSU the magazine CAP & DESIGN – Scandinavia’s largest newspaper for creative design – interviewed our Art Director Stina Janson. Read the article here: http://capdesign.idg.se/

  • Another news flash

    Our app for placing bids on real estate in Norway that we developed with the Norwegian real estate broker firm Krogsveen won a price, “Årets Gullmegler” for best new innovation 2013. The app makes it easy and safe to place bids on any Norwegian property.